Hey..It’s ColourPop again…If you are following me on Instagram or my Blog, you’d know how much I am impressed with Colourpop Lip Products. As I have already reviewed the Colourpop Ultra Matte Lips in some of my previous blog… it’s time to see how Matte X Lippie Stix has worked for me. The shades that I have are:

  1. Poppin
  2. Backup
  3. Cami
  4. Bootie

Price: $5 each. Available on Colourpop website.


I won’t go very deep into the review as the product is already quite hyped everywhere. So here, I’ll share my brief thoughts about the product with all the photos and swatches.

The Matte X Lippie Stix comes in a cute White Twist Up Lipstick Packaging. The lipstick inside is shaped nicely to help line and fill in the lips. The texture is extremely smooth and pigmented. When I swatched this Lippie Stix the first time, my first impression was simply Waaaoooo!! It was extremely soft and silky and the pigmentation was just awesome. The formula is opaque, absolutely matte and very comfortable on the lips. This is not something that will give that dry feel on the lips and won’t shrink as the day goes by. The longevity is also very good. All the four Lippie Stix have shown the same wear time of good 5-6 hours or even more depending on the eating activity.  Also these are easy to remove by any regular cleansing milk or makeup remover and does not stain the lips.





Here are some swatches on myself (please note that shades may look different due to different skin undertone and lighting. I have tried my best to show the exact color)


Indoor Lighting


  1. Poppin- It’s a bright reddish pink color. Would go on any skin tone. It’s for those who love pink and bold lips. The exact color of Poppin is on the hand swatch picture as I feel that my camera was not able to catch the exact shade. img_9106

2. Back Up- It’s a pretty violet purple shade (not on the bright side). 



3. Cami- It’s a neutral mauvish nude colour. Good for everyday look. This shade is not much loved  as much as others, as this shade washes me off. I always pair this color with some other lipstick to bring out the color as I want.



4. Bootie- This is bright orange shade. I am not a big fan of orange lips. But thought of giving this a try. This is how it looks.



The Goods:

  • Opaque Formula
  • Highly Pigmented
  • Smooth texture
  • Cute Packaging
  • Cheap in price
  • Good wear time
  • Does not dry lips

The Not so Good:

  • None


Hope you liked my post. For any suggestion, please comment below.

See you soon..