In this post today, I’ll be reviewing the Matte Nail Lacquers from Nykaa. If you are following me on my blog or Instagram, you’d already know how much I am drawn towards matte makeup. And Nail Paints being one of my favorite in the makeup category, I could not resist these Nykaa’s Matte Nails Launch.

Here,  I’ll be sharing the swatches of the three shades and a quick review of the formula. Let’s start..

Shades I Got Are:

  1. Lavender Panacotta (left)
  2. White Chocolate Ganache (middle)
  3. Almond Crumble (right)


Shade Swatch

(L to R): Lavender Panacotta; Almond Crumble; White Chocolate Ganache

My Take on the Product

Most of the Nykaa Matte Shades are soft pastel and neutral colors. It comes in 12 pretty shades in a frosted square shaped bottle. The bottle is medium sized-not very big neither small. I find the overall packaging quite attractive and cute.

Price: Rs. 199/- Buy Here


The formula of these is quite thick. These are not like super  liquidy or runny like the usual nail paints. A single brush storke gives enough color but not completely opaque coverage. The full color pay off comes in at least two coats of the polish. Out of the three-I found White Chocolate Ganache to be of a bit inconsistent and uneven formula in the application. Rest of the two are fine.

The texture of these is smooth in application and spreads easily on the nails. These also dries fairly quick..say within 5 minutes. They dry down to a flat matte finish. I have noticed that they do look a bit streaky but that’s noticeable only up-close. Other else, it looks just fine. Lastly, the finish does not remain matte throughout the time, it starts getting non-matte or dull glossy in appearance after 2-3 days.   

The wear time of these is above average in my opinion. They stay for atleast 3-4 days or even more if you are not into much of a physical work. After that, they start chipping off from the nail top. I think by layering it with a matte top coat would help in lasting the product much longer.All the three has shown different wear time. White Chocolate Ganache chipped off quite soon and the Almond Crumble showed the most wear time.

Lavender Panacotta
Almond Crumble after 3 days.


What I liked:

  • Attractive Packaging
  • Matte Finish
  • A variety of pretty shades to chose from
  • Wear Time of 3 days or more-depending on the physical work

What I did not liked:

  • Single stroke is not enough for the max opacity
  • Turns into a dull glossy finish after 2-3 days.

Overall Rating: 3.5/5 (Good+)

Will I buy it Again? Yes!! Would like try out other shades too when I am finish with these.

My Favorite out of the three is “Almond Crumble”. Shade and formula wise, it has shown the best results. Also I’ve received a lot of compliments on this shade too 🙂

Have you tried Nykaa’s Nail Paint? What’s your favorite?

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See you soon..:)