Today, I am reviewing another Matte Liquid Lipstick from my vanity. This one’s is from L.A. Girl Cosmetics-Matte Flat Finish Pigment Gloss. 

L.A. Girl Matte Flat Finish Pigment Gloss-Timeless


Packaging: The product comes in pretty big gloss like tube with a matte black cap. The body of the tube is of plastic & transparent and the color is easily visible. The lid closes tightly making it very travel friendly. The sponge applicator is quite straight and stiff which helps in giving a precise application.


Color & Pigmentation: The color range of this lipstick has got 16 shades from nudes, pinks, purple & reds. The shade that I have is “Timeless” which is a very pretty pink shade with a purple undertone to it. The shade will go with almost all skin tones from fair to dusky people. Pigmentation wise, this is 10/10- super pigmented & opaque. It’s very smooth to apply and spreads the color in a single swipe. The product is actually not a “gloss” but rather it’s a liquidy cream which dries to super matte finish, don’t know why they have named it as gloss??


Staying power: When it comes to the staying power, this lippie is going  to stay ALL DAY LONG!! It literally managed to stay for about good 6-7 hours without fading at all, and that’s including my 2 light meals. However, it does slightly washes off in case of oily or heavy meals.


Texture/Formula:  Okay… So now comes the controversial part. I have heard a lot of mixed review about this product where some have completely loved it and some have extremely hated it. As per me, I really liked the products despite of it’s bad reviews, I mean, matte lipsticks comes with their drawbacks like drying lips, settling into fine lines etc. If you know how to get over it, then, this product is completely fine to use.   Let’s get into the texture review:

The formula is creamy & smooth to apply which sets into complete matte finish within a few seconds. After settling down, it will feel sticky/tacky on lips which is only noticeable when you purse your lips together. So if you don’t do that, then it shouldn’t be an issue, and if you do, you’ll have a problem, not for you!!   

A simple TRICK to get rid of this “tacky” thing issue is to use a little translucent powder or lightly dust the compact powder using a brush. This  will set the product in place and will last longer without feeling sticky. Also, do not purse your lips right after applying it as it’ll make it look patchier. Let it fully dry and then pucker your lips, if you have to. 

It is completely transfer proof and water proof. But, while removing the product, you’ll definitely need an oil based remover to completely get it off. 

La Girl Matte Pigment Gloss

Picture taken from google to show the whole array of 16 shades



  • Extremely Long wearing
  • Practically Waterproof & Transfer proof
  • Smooth & Creamy to apply
  • Travel Friendly Packaging
  • Super Pigmented
  • Extremely Matte & Opaque finish
  • Lot of color to choose from
  • Does not bleed your lips
  • Affordable


  • Dry Lips-not at all for dry/patchy lips
  • Tacky/Sticky Formula-need to set it with lose powder
  • Need to use oil based remover to take off the product completely
  • Forms an inner lip ring


Overall Verdict:

Overall, I liked the product. It is highly pigmented and matte. It has a very good longevity and survives normal meals very well. The formula is drying and even can make the lips looks patchy, but dryness is something to be expected from every matte lip product. If you prep your lips properly, then this can be avoided. Not recommended for those who have a habit of pursing or having extremely dry/chapped lips. The whole color range is awesome, a lot of color for all skin types. To sum up, I do recommend to try these. Avoid the lighter shades as I have heard quite bad reviews for them.  

See you soon..