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Today I’ll be talking about a few of my favorite skin care product from “Fab India”. 

I am a big fan of Fab India as this brand has got really good quality, affordable and natural personal care products for both men and women . I really like to visit the store once in every 2 months to either re-purchase or to check out the new product. And Why Not!! First it’s an Indian Brand, second all it’s products are 100% “Cruelty Free”- no animal testing and third you get absolutely good quality, natural stuff with a lot of variety for all skin types. Lets start what I’ve got..


 Vitamin E Skin Hydrating Cream

One of the best affordable moisturizer for oily skin to beat the summer & humidity. A very light skin hydrating cream…moisture whipped loaded with Vitamin E & age controlling cellular extracts. Spreads smoothly on the skin and has a very mild pleasant fragrance. Because of it’s light and watery texture, it makes it best suitable for normal-oily  or even sensitive skin. Not recommended for dry skin people. This is surely one of my favorite skin care product from Fab India. Repurchased it twice in this season.  Price: Rs. 250/-  for 50 ml

Tea Tree Cleansing Milk

This is a very mild cleansing milk with tea tree extracts. I bought this product when my skin was in a very bad state due to acne. Because it had tea tree in it which is meant to be good to acne/pimples, so I went for it. However, it did not helped me in rescuing my acne problem in any way, still it performed very well..also expecting a lot from a ‘cleansing milk’ isn’t fare. It gently cleans the face and does not feel greasy or sticky on my oily skin. But when it comes to heavy or waterproof makeup, it’s not very very effective (have to use it twice in this case, which is fine). Other else, it’s a very good product to go for everyday use at such an affordable rate and quantity. Retails for Rs. 250/- for 200 ml.  


Neem Tulsi Skin Toner

I bought this product along with the tea tree cleansing milk. I wanted to have the toner in tea tree only but sadly it was not available at that time in the store.  So I got my hands on Neem-Tulsi Skin Toner. Neem & Tusli are known for its best properties for skin specially to protect from acne, scars, marks and wrinkles. It’s alcohol free and does not feel itchy or irritating or strong on the skin. It gently cleans the skin. The toner fades away quickly and does not leave any sticky feeling behind. Has a mild scent which leaves the face fresh and nice. Retails for Rs. 250/- for 200 ml. 41hB-duvhSL._SY355_

Rose Geranium Face & Body Gel Scrub

This is my another favorite product from the haul.  This is a gel base scrub containing mild walnut exfoliating particles with rose petals and geranium oil. It has got a very fresh rosy scent, which you’ll definitely fell in love with. The walnut granules are quite fine & they exfoliate well and does not feel harsh on the skin. The scrub can be used for both face and body. It has shown good results in getting rid of rough or harsh skin like elbow or knees. It washes away easily and not at all feels greasy on skin. Because of it’s mild texture, it can be even used twice a week as per the requirement. Retails for Rs. 350/- for 100ml Opt-10381495-f

Nourishing Skin Lotion-Silk Protein

This lotion comes in a plastic bottle with a dispenser. The lotion has a light and thin consistency which gets quickly absorbed in the skin leaving no greasy or heavy feel. It has a very different mild scent and stays for about 30-40 min. Because of it’s non-sticky and hydrating texture, it makes a good deal for summers, but not recommended for dry skin. For winters, I don’t think it’ll be any beneficial, so better to avoid in that season. Do not expect any wonders or improvements on your skin from this lotion apart from it’s simple moisturizing property. Quantity wise, it’s good and will go a long way. Retails for Rs. 290/- for 200 ml10384872-f

Black Sesame and Salt Body Polisher

This product contains a mixture of sea salt, black sesame and the therapeutic oils of pepper, cloves and ginger to exfoliate the skin. To be true, at first, I wasn’t very impressed with this product. But after using it 4-5 times, it showed better results than what I’d expected. Sometimes, I mix and use it with oil or sometimes with curd, depending on my skin type.  It contains all natural ingredients and effectively removes the dead skin cells and tan. The scrubbing particles are not very fine, hence people with very sensitive skin should give it a pass. I got it for Rs. 200/- for 100 ml (I think now it’s rates are revised).


That’s it from  my Fab India Haul. See you soon until my next post..

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