Hi Everyone..

BB Cream is really something in trend these days. And why not? It’s one of the easiest way to skip the everyday heavy foundation routine and to achieve a perfect looking skin by just using one cream. I have tried a couple of BB creams from different brands like Lakme, Maybelline, Garnier, The Body Shop. But today, I’ll be reviewing and sharing my experience for L’oreal’s “Nude Magique” BB Cream.


Let’s take a look at the BB Cream..

About the Product:

It comes in a white plastic tube and a metallic cap and a good amount of product in it. It is available in two shades only-light and medium. I got it in Light for me. It costed me somewhere in between Rs.800-Rs.1000/-(don’t remember the exact price). This particular product is not available in our Indian local markets or at any drugstore. The product claims to be the ultimate 5 in 1 perfecting cream with

  • flawless coverage
  • perfect even skin texture
  • fresh dewy glow
  • 24 hrs hydration
  • SPF 12


My Take on the product:

I bought this product from Delhi Duty Free store at the airport. First, when I tried this in the store, I was really excited. However, when I used it at home, I was completely disappointed.

The product contains small pigment capsules/granules in a feather-light hydrator which transforms into a foundation thingy on contact with the skin. It has a self adjusting formula that comes in a white base cream and blends into your complexion easily. It has a very thin and runny texture and gives a bit of dewy finish. The formula adjusted decently to my skin tone, however for a fair skin tone, it might can give an orangish tone to the skin. The coverage is very very light and sheer. It does no benefit in covering dark circles, blemishes or any darkness at all as it claims. The product also claims to be 24 hrs hydration, but that’s a complete Nayyy!!


The formula is a little dry, so applying a moisture prior to it’s use is recommended. It contains SPF 12..I mean seriously..is SPF 12 enough for summers? It is actually more of a tinted moisturizer rather than calling it a BB Cream.

Overall Verdict:

I have always liked L’oreal product but I am sorry to say, this was a complete failure in the BB cream category. It is very disappointing and does not satisfy any of it properties that it claims. I would not recommend to go for this product and waste your money on it.

What I like:

Hardly anything except it’s extremely light wear for an every day wear. One with a clean and clear skin might can like this product.

What I dislike:

  • No coverage at all
  • Staying Power..huh..it almost vanishes after some time
  • SPF12..are you kidding?
  • Not suitable for skin with blemishes or redness
  • Limited shades
  • Lacks qualities of a BB Cream


Not recommended..